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Business to Business Networking

Business to Business – where business leaders and entrepreneurs of all ages can come together in a fusion of creativity and inspiration. The title said it all. Unusually for a Sunday morning on 5th Jan 2020, some 220 business women and men from all communities made up a full house. They had come network and listen to a trio of high-powered international speakers, Madiha Tubman from the US, Charles Barker from the UK and Leila Awale from Kenya.


The first speaker was Transformational Coach and President of Didi Squared Inc., Madiha Tubman. She spoke authoritatively about the Power of Positivity, asserting that there is nothing that cannot be achieved if someone is determined enough. Augmented by two potent motivational videos, Ms Tubman underscored the need to set your life’s goals and move forward with conviction and self-belief. “Start with what you’ve got,” she declared and the audience embraced the ideas enthusiastically.


International hotelier and hospitality expert Charles Barker, Chairman of Hospitality Support and Consultancy Services, and established lecturer on practical management was next up. He addressed the subject of Effective Leadership, and uniquely presented the subject in the context of his personal experiences and, as he put it, “learning through the school of hard knocks.” Illustrated with unusual and attention-grabbing slides, the talk really captured the audience’s imagination and was hugely well received, judging by the repeated applause at the conclusion of his address.


CEO of the Tristar Group of Companies, Leila Awale, delivered the third presentation on The Purpose of Life.  Rarely is an audience privileged and lucky enough to receive such a supremely well delivered presentation. In just 10 minutes, Ms Awale captivated her audience, thrilled and inspired them and, without notes or slides, delivered a powerful message of hope and motivation.


Before breaking up for an excellent Beef Biryani, event organiser and host, Ms Rozina Ali, wrapped up the occasion. Chairman of the Ismaili Women’s Committee in Mombasa and President of the charitable foundation, Better 2 Gether, Ms Ali thanked the speakers and presented them with tokens of appreciation. She then relayed a story relating to a food programme she was involved with. So movingly did she tell the tale, that many in the audience were reduced to tears. Her message was simple but profound; want not, waste not.


This was an outstanding occasion, and Mombasa was indeed privileged and fortunate to be offered such a professionally organised, stimulating and substantive event. It can only be hoped that following its success, more will be offered, particularly aimed at Kenya’s youth and leaders of tomorrow.


The strength and influence of women and the relationships they have with each other as mothers and daughters was the theme of this inspirational gathering on Saturday, 16th November 2019 at Mombasa Kenya, to which 117 ladies attended.


The programme began with two presentations from female lawyers, discussing the theme of empowerment and women’s rights. Issues regarding the age for marriage and equal rights, preparation of wills (for both spouses) and equal rights were discussed, as well as more sensitive topics including domestic violence and divorce.

A presentation from Jubilee Insurance followed, demonstrating the wisdom of making personal savings provisions and other schemes.

The programme ended with an excellent motivational speaker, Laila Awale, who demonstrated the benefits of Mothers and Daughters having more trust and engagement with each other. A delightful video message from a daughter in Singapore was transmitted to a mother present here in Mombasa and a video clip of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie talking about how her mother had been a role model for her success.

poster of pamper me.jpg

The PAMPER ME programme on Saturday, 3rd November 2018 in Mombasa Kenya, was a hugely successful and well attended event. Our Motivational speakers, Laila Awale and Smita Singh, talked clearly and authoritatively about the importance of self-care and how this improves confidence and self-esteem, which in turn is reflected on face.


An impressive line-up of specialist speakers covered topics including Yoga, Pranic Healing, Makeup and Hair Styling.

The five-hour programme was exceptionally good value, and included free hand and foot massages, lunch and high tea.


Pretty In Pink

A refreshingly frank and open Breast Cancer awareness event took place on Saturday afternoon, 4th November 2017 in Mombasa Kenya.


An informative presentation by Dr. Irfan Samji talked about breast cancer and advised how a healthy lifestyle could minimize the risk of contracting the disease. Additionally, we heard from cancer survivors from different communities who, through sharing their stories, provided support and encouragement to fight and overcome the disease. This was also an excellent opportunity to educate younger girls so that they can better understand the support their mothers might require in the event of diagnosis.


The Aga Khan Health Board also supported the event by offering free breast check-ups and guidance for attendees.

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