About the Founder and President, Rozina Ali

After leaving university with a BA in Geography, I was only able to find work as a secretary; I was restless and wanted to see the world that I had studied.

I travelled extensively, visiting many countries and experiencing at first hand the vast profusion of different people, cultures and environments - what a thrill. I then settled in London where I started work in the fine garments and fashion industry. I worked hard and rapidly climbed the ladder. But still there was something missing.

Finally I settled in Mombasa where I established my own business, La Maison. Here at last I was able to engage with artisans and people from all walks of life, encouraging and supporting them to utilise their skills and craftsmanship and present their produce for sale in La Maison. This engagement with local communities began an evolutionary thought process; what else could I do to encourage these people and their communities to come together for their mutual benefit?

The ‘Better 2 Gether Foundation’ is the result. This is a charitable foundation that seeks to engage with and involve people from all communities, to come together and learn from each other to foster greater understanding, tolerance and respect within our society.

I hope you will join this rapidly growing and inspirational group of people and enjoy the benefits of our collective endeavours.