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The day started with laughter and joy in the air at a small orphanage in Kisauni, Mombasa on Sunday 24th March 2019. In an event aptly dubbed “THE POWER TO TRANSFORM”, the Better 2 Gether Foundation team organised a fun and education-orientated charity day at the Al-Rehan girls orphanage. Al Rehan is home to more than 90 orphaned girls who have been taken under the selfless stewardship of the wonderful Mrs Amina. Some have been rescued from early marriages, while others from the streets.


The Better 2 Gether Foundation team interacted with the girls through in-depth educational talks on basic hygiene, drug abuse and fire safety in the home. Laptops and printers were provided for the classroom as a gift. Shortly after, a talented animation team took to the stage to perform a range of dances and acrobatic manoeuvres. The Foundation also tended to much needed roof repairs at the orphanage before handing over donations of a month’s dry food rations, mattresses and pillows.


The girls then transferred their energy to the playing field, where they participated in various games with the Better 2 Gether Foundation team. All the activities built up an appetite and shortly after, the girls were served lunch provided by the Foundation. Afterwards ‘goody bags’ were distributed to everyone containing shoes, linen, towels and stationary.

The day culminated in a vote of thanks from the girls and the Foundation pledged to continue supporting the Orphanage.


Many thanks are extended to our donors and volunteers without whom such activities are not possible.

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