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Last night Food 2 street distribution program was a huge success. Together with hot cooked food we also distributed milk packets cup cakes and sodas to almost 700 people.

Thank you for all your support and donation. May God bless you and your families and fulfil all your wishes Amen  The happiest moment was when we reached to Gymkhana and called people for food only few appeared and we were about to leave but than I saw a group of boys and girls coming towards us and we stopped to serve them although they were very high in drugs but when they saw food milk n cup cakes they started dancing. The happiness on their faces and emotions were like blessings of God upon us.

I was really thrilled. So, once again thank you for all your support. 

FOOD 2 STREET - Saturday 25th January 2020


Saturday night saw the launch of FOOD 2 STREET, the latest initiative of Better 2 Gether Foundation. The programme is aimed at helping destitute and impoverished people sleeping rough on Mombasa’s streets and will run once a month.


A team of nineteen volunteers gathered at Tusky’s on Haile Selassie Avenue at 9.30pm and were met by two pickup trucks laden with freshly cooked, hot and nourishing food. After prayers for the donors and the people we were going to visit, we set off and over the next two hours, fed some 500 men, women and, most worryingly, children. The homeless citizens were given plates and as much as they wanted to eat, with many seeking extra helpings.


Volunteers from the foundation also regularly feeds smaller groups around the city during the rest of the month.


The much-needed support for this worthy cause comes from individual donors, who provide either food supplies, facilities or cash. Each month’s programme can be sponsored by a single donor, otherwise funds are accumulated and used as required.


For donations and further information, please contact mobile no. 0724804410 or email: or check the website for full details of the foundation’s other activities. Better 2 Gether is a registered charity, no. 50489.

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