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FOOD 2 STREET is the latest initiative of Better 2 Gether Foundation. The programme is aimed at helping destitute and impoverished people sleeping rough on Mombasa’s streets. Once a month, a team of volunteers cruise the streets with freshly cooked hot and nourishing food to distribute to some 500 people. The foundation also regularly feeds smaller groups around the city during the rest of the month.


The much-needed support for this worthy cause comes from individual donors who provide either food supplies or much needed cash. Each month’s programme can be sponsored by a single donor, otherwise funds are accumulated and used as required.


For donations and further information, contact mobile no. 0724804410 or email: or check the website, for full details of the foundation’s other activities. Better 2 Gether is a registered charity, no. 50489.



In line with our mission and stated objectives and our ongoing quest to support the disadvantaged in society, Better 2 Gether Foundation has now introduced a programme of bursary awards to support schooling for children whose families are impoverished and deserving.

Benefactors wishing to engage with the programme should in the first instance contact the President by email:



The first award for 2020 has been given to the children of Truphena Atieno, Farida Nicole 10 years and Rose Truphena is 9 years studying at Hopsyg Junior School, Mombasa, Kenya.

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