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December 14th - 20th, 2018


Monday, 29 October 2018


Coastweek-- Seen [from left] Jamil Bilal, Syreeta Sehmi, Sonjeeta Sehmi, Maliha Bharwani Sahar Bharwani Taha Mamujee, Mohd Hassanali and Zeeyana Bharwani. Seen [from right] Wafa Mukhri, Murtaza Tajbhai, Moiz Dossaji, Dhruv Patel, Abdul Qadir Najmuddin, Neha Punjani, Hussain Ali, Salim Abdul Karim, Ranrick Borganza, President Rozina Ali, Vice President Alshad Jamal, Ebhrahim Ali and Angad Singh.

Better 2 Gether Foundation Fun Day at Vipingo Primary School


Coastweek-- Better 2 Gether Foundation organized Fun Day feed Program at Vipingo Primary School Mombasa on 13th October 2018. 


The Foundation was able to provide information talks on personal hygiene and nutrition to all the students in their respective grades which were highly interactive and successful.


The session was ended by handing out Detrex soap and sanitary pads to all. 


To add to that the students were entertained with a magic show and various performances that they thoroughly enjoyed.


Moreover, during the ongoing entertainment, our volunteers served milkshake and doughnuts to the children which they appreciated immensely.


Furthermore, once the entertainment section had ended, almost 1200 children were provided with lunch that consisted of vegetables, rice, kachumbari, juice, banana and milk.


After which the students as well as the teachers were given a gift parcel to take home including items of towel, bed sheet, stationary, cloths, snacks and toys.


After the event Rozina Ali thanked all the volunteers and Donors for their contributions for this worthy cause


Coastweek -- Members of the Better 2 Gether Foundation - Seen [from right] Treasurer of Better 2 Gether Foundation Osman Hasham, Mehboob Lota, Narinder Singh, Vice President Alshad Jamal, President of Better 2 Gether Foundation Rozina Ali, Yunus Miyanji, Vindi Oberoi and Bipin Rathod.

Better 2 Gether Foundation

Held Afya Bora Camp In Watamu


Coastweek -- Afya Bora Camp was held on the 29th of July 2018 in the Kakayuni area of Watamu.


864 local villagers were examined and treated by a team of 59 medical professionals.


These professionals included general practitioners, pediatricians, dermatologist, optometrist, dentists, gynecologists, nurses and nutritionists.


Deworming treatment was provided to all patients as well as HIV and blood sugar testing.


Free medication was provided to those patients in need after receiving prescriptions from the doctors.


Education sessions were provided for all patients on topics relating to puberty and adulthood, sexual health, nutrition and healthy eating, and hygiene.


These information sessions were divided into male and female groups to allow more open and comfortable discussions amongst them. 


After attending the information sessions, all patients were given goodie bags which included bed sheets, towels, clothing, stationary sweets and biscuits, kitchen utensils, food and toys for the children.


The camp was organized by the Founder and President Rozina Ali and Vice President Alshad Jamal, of the Better 2 Gether Foundation, along with members and 79 volunteers.


Coastweek -- Residents of the Kakayuni Community waiting in registration lines.

Coastweek-- volunteers were divided into different task groups; doctors and medicinal teams, marketing and registration teams, transport, crowd control and security teams, information sessions, procurement and goodie bag delivery teams.


The aim of the camp was to promote health and ameliorate the quality of life for the Kakayuni community.


The hope is to hold further medical camps, as well as to help individuals and families with further treatment and medication for special conditions.


After the event, Rozina Ali thanked all the professionals, sponsors and volunteers, for their contributions.


“Without your outstanding generosity, commitment and selflessness, we could not have achieved such a successful outcome for this struggling community,” she said.


“Everyone involved is extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication you have all shown today.”


For further details about the work of the Better 2 Gether Foundation, go to the
or contact Rozina Ali on +254724804410




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